Thursday, 4 August 2011

‘HAPPY CHAOS’ by SOLEIL MOON FRYE’S aka Punky Brewster

Remember Punky Brewster? i dont from the first time, but vaguely do from re runs, well Soleil Moon Frye, who played Punky Brewster has made a new book Happy Chaos. 

of course you and i werent child star, with celeb friends, but frineds we had, some of us had lots, some of us had just a few. Oh and crushes!! i had a new one every other day...oh im getting all nostalgic


ah yes then marriage and a baby in a carriage.. and the realising that damn right kids don't come with instructions.
Infact when i got married i remember everyone asking so keenly when are you having children..are you not pregnant yet??! (yes really) but then when it did happen no one was to be seen..........

i'll let you know how it is, anything that helps with getting this work/children/life balance right is going to be on my bookshelf :)

the books out August 23rd but it is available for pre-sale now . Check out Happy Chaos HERE.

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