Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mosaic Art + Family Photos = WOW

I cant even count the amount of pictures that i have of my girls, there all on the hard drive, we even have a 2nd hard drive, due to running out of space, but we hardly see them. i miss when we developed all our pictures.

Andrew Miller who truly is a fine artist, wanted give a unique gift to his wife for Mothers Day of their two twin daughters, he used his knowledge of contemporary art to create a mosaic collage, made entirely of family photos arranged by color. wow! whats even more amazing is that is labour of love has became a business, people now have his one-of-a-kind mosaic portraits hanging in the homes.

Andrew Miller Arts (646-827-2246 orandrewmillerarts.com). For more information, emailandrew@andrewmillerarts.com. Custom portraits start at $1,000; additional prints are $200-$300.

(Via Daily Candy Kids)

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