Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bored at Home with Kids

Been a while since I last updated this blog, its funny how somethings you just end up ignoring, but honestly i have found it hard juggling the girls being at school and nursery,you would think i have more time, but after school activity's coupled with swimming lessons and family, I'm feeling the pressure. But me and the girls have been stuck at home, last couple of days, not feeling too good, and bored, {and this weather ugh} so we decided to of course get busy with paints. me painting stones and the girls just being messy..

 The stone painting i totally got into, that the girls names, and the other stone was trying to be a blossom twig!? all you need is some stones, smooth if you can and paints, i used simple acrylics.

i didn't have any food colours but i want to try this next with the girls, anything to keep em busy right..


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