Sunday, 20 May 2012

Halwa Puri Cholay - DIY Desi Breakfast

This is one of those traditional breakfast that seem far to elaborate to make at home, well not so its actually pretty easy and if you make some steps the night before its quick too.

My mum is always making poori's, the other fave to have with them is kheer {rice pudding}Whats funny is anytime she says its on the menu everyone moans and complains that's its to heavy to eat at breakfast. yet the table is always full. something about the combination of sweet halwa, spicy chick peas and hot crunchy poori's I guess.

I have tried to make this on several occasions now, in a bid to get it right, and its the puris that have let me down {think cardboard} every time, until now that is. and the channa's {chickpeas} are like a go to curry, a staple in most homes, and usually one of the first curries you will ever learn, but I think yellow dhal {lentils} was my first dish.

Ok lets get on with it -

Chana/Cholay/Chickpea Curry

Making channa {chickpeas} is really super easy, so no over night socking here, nope get yourself some tinned chickpea and your about 15mins away from some curry! I just do what my mum did, but found this recipe which is similar, although most of the time I don't add potato's.

For a more saucy curry say for rice? add some chopped up tomatoes and imlee {tamarind sauce}

If you really pushed for time or indeed can't be bother to get all the ingredients together then reach for shan.

I have to admit I'm a shan user *hangs head in shame* for this particular one be careful with your amounts i never ever follow the what is says on the back of the packet {often calling for you to use the whole packet} for one can of chickpeas, about a tablespoon and half would be sufficient, plus you can always add more.

cooking away {i always add some coriander and chopped green chilies}

Puri / Poori

These soft yet crunchy puris, can be difficult to make, i even with followed my mums instructions exactly, yet still couldn't get it right, what i need what measurements, which is something no Desi mum ever does, everything is just a little of this and a little of that, but this video by Hetal and Anuja of Show Me the Curry is my go to.

Semolina/Sooji Halwa

Up until a couple of years ago i had never tried this, wasn't, until i went to Sanams, Manchester and had their halwa, which made me realise, what i had been turning my nose up at, was in fact rather tasty. So i was keen to learn how to make it. Vah chef, is hilarious, and gives really easy to follow recipes and their pretty fail safe, i made it perfect first time and if i can then so can you. oh and its really nice once its cold to eat after {if you have any left :)

the end result ~

Jeez thats alot of chiilies....

So do you like halwa + puri's? will you be giving this a shot? do you have any recipes you could share?

Good Luck


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