Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Back to School - Are you Ready?

Its been great having the girls at home for the school holidays, but my enthusiasm for all things fun and crafty is starting to wane, and I'm now looking forward to them skipping along to school! Both of them, that's right reception and year one here we come, i have paid my dues and now they can both be at school between the hours of 9am to 3pm!

Well i say both, but I'm still waiting on a date for a hearing for Saira. We had to appeal as she didn't get a place.

You would think with all the time to get organised, i would at least have the school uniform all ready to go, nope i only went went last week to get all they need, to say i left it late is any understatement, you will find no sizes for under 6 years old, all the shoes will be on the floor,{mixed}sizes will be missing/sold out and don't even try and look for anything in black, all that's left is navy and gray!

Its my own fault really, i had mentioned to the other half about getting the uniform early July and for some unbeknown reason i decided to listen to him when he said "get them later" " its too early" eh no we won't, nothing will be left, i still cant find dresses or shoes in their size. now checking online...

*My mind was totally blank as to what i needed, even though i have done this before, so i used this uniform check list as guide.

So are you organised? Are you counting the day till they go back?

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