Friday, 25 October 2013

Parents Back From Hajj

My parents are back from hajj tomorrow, and the girls are busy painting the welcome back banner and i have a cake to make.

Their 3 weeks away seem to have flown by, im really eager to see how they are, to see how much of a profound effect this trip has had on them.

For mum it's been a life long dream to visit some of the most sacred sites in Islam, but for Dad well lets say he wasn't all that keen, he felt mum had almost duped him into taking her, which i found pretty amusing. 

I wonder if they are changed as people, talking to them over the phone, dad anxieties about going seemed to have melted away, he sounded happy at ease, in peace almost. Hear him talk about just going for salah or just finished salah was odd, he wasn't one for reading ever. 

Mum on the phone honestly was so happy, so excited, but at times her voice would be trembling at the sheer awe of where she was.

I've never really thought about hajj or even going but i guess my parents going sparked some interest in me, if only for the cost of the whole thing to be slightly off putting.

Looking forward to hearing all about their journey.

Now i better go get started on that cake! 

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